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Searching for a partner!

Posted by Vision Gritsyuk - Updated 1 day ago

Searching for English native speaker

Posted by Julia Raushynska - Updated 2 days ago

Hi, starting to learn English. looking for interlocutors

Posted by Lena Lena - Updated 2 days ago

Hello everyone !

Posted by Kamila - Updated 2 days ago

Why did you choose your target language?

Posted by Scrabbin - Updated 2 days ago


Posted by Mateusz - Updated 2 days ago

Communication in English

Posted by Dmitriy Diachkov - Updated 3 days ago

Practice English via Skype or Telegram...

Posted by AliReza - Updated 7 days ago

Chatting English

Posted by Felix - Updated 1 week ago

English partner please....!!!

Posted by Hasini - Updated 1 week ago

I CAN TEACH YOU POLISH!! I want practice my English skills :)

Posted by Isabell - Updated 1 week ago

English for Russian or Polish

Posted by David MacCallum - Updated 2 weeks ago

Hi everyone. I need partner for English. Chat or talk...

Posted by Onur - Updated 2 weeks ago


Posted by Marina Pisareva - Updated 2 weeks ago

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