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Looking for a pen pal French/English (I offer French)

Posted by Ela Lu - Updated 8 hours ago

looking for a long term friendship

Posted by Cassy John - Updated 9 hours ago

Hi! Looking for English speakers and friends

Posted by Kate Boginskaya - Updated 1 day ago

I want to practise English. I'm polish.

Posted by Marcin FrÄ…tczak - Updated 1 day ago

I want to practice English with someone who can easily speak it

Posted by Alex Kavun - Updated 2 days ago


Posted by V - Updated 2 days ago

Exchange English Arabic - I want to practice Arabic

Posted by Anna - Updated 3 days ago


Posted by Mahmoud alqerem - Updated 3 days ago


Posted by Diana Kolod - Updated 4 days ago

happy new year

Posted by Cassy John - Updated 4 days ago

Wanting to Practice Russian with someone who is learning to speak English

Posted by deletedBANNED user - Updated 5 days ago

Hey people!

Posted by Aleksandra Barynova - Updated 5 days ago

I am a Korean native speaker looking for English speaker!

Posted by HYUNGJOO LEE - Updated 5 days ago

Happy new year

Posted by Francis Rodriguez - Updated 6 days ago

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