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Looking for someone to talk with to improve my English. :)

Posted by Natalia Polovenko - Updated 6 hours ago

Can you help me to learn English? I know Russian and Ukrainian...

Posted by Evie Djuli - Updated 6 hours ago

Why did you choose your target language?

Posted by Scrabbin - Updated 8 hours ago

Alguien quiere charlar?

Posted by Julia Wójcik - Updated 16 hours ago

Hello! I need help in learning English.

Posted by Stasy Sergeeva - Updated 18 hours ago

I speak french/german and would like to learn russian in St Petersburg

Posted by Basile Zumbrunnen - Updated 1 day ago

I'm more than happy to share my first language, Indonesian.

Posted by Sofia Wong - Updated 1 day ago

Hello) I am looking teacher ENGLISH )

Posted by Aleksandra Aliynik - Updated 1 day ago


Posted by negin b - Updated 1 day ago

Can you help me learn English?

Posted by Angella Oliveira - Updated 1 day ago

German for English or Japanese :)

Posted by Nick J - Updated 3 days ago

exchange chat

Posted by Ahmed Asi - Updated 3 days ago


Posted by Helena Fortuna - Updated 3 days ago

English-speaking friend needed right away

Posted by Sylwia - Updated 3 days ago

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