Why did you choose your target language?

Scrabbin 8 yearss ago:

What factors did you consider when choosing the language you are studying? Usefulness? Career? Personal fascination for the language? Because it was easy or very challenging? To travel?


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I study English because is need for me read books about astrologi. And I hope to find job in ather country.

Igo Igor commented 1 week ago

I study English because i want to communicate with Other people. In this skills help me in my job, i am web developer.

Dmitryi Golovan commented 1 week ago

I have many different reasons why I chose exactly English.
First of all it is for my future job, I study programming now, so when I'll find a job I'll use English all the time.
The second reason why I learn the language is travelling. I really enjoy travelling. For me is very important to talk to peole there, only in this way I can know more about a country.
Also it is easier to make friends around the world when you speak English, because almost in every country people speak English even if they do it not so good.
And one last thing, I think everybody should speak English, because it is international language, but it is just my opinion.

Kate Mostovaya commented 1 week ago

I want to become a front-end developer. To become a good specialist, I need to know English.

Denis Solovey commented 1 week ago

I need to learn Japanese as I have to live there for my doctorate course, starting next year. It is very important to know the language if you are living in a foreign country, specially at least in the communicative level.

Md Razi Saifullah Ibn Belal commented 1 week ago

I am a Native speaker of English and am currently teaching in China. I am thinking about relocating to Russia or Kazakhstan in the next year or 2, so i would like to begin learning Russian now. I am also happy to just meet some locals, and have a friendly chat.

Shane commented 1 week ago

Hi everyone Smilie
I am living Turkey.I need to learn English.I know English grammar.I would like text message or speak English
with people.You guys can contact me using the following addresses

Thank you

gmail: gokhan.gurgen1903@gmail.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gokhan.gurgen
İnstagram: https://www.instagram.com/gokhan.gurgen

Gökhan Gürgen commented 6 days ago

I like the German culture and have a basic german understanding and hence wanted to learn the language.

Venki v commented 6 days ago

Because I live in Kherson atm.

Carsten Haderer commented 6 days ago

Hi! I'm a Ukrainian living in Kyiv. I learn English to communicate with people around the world, to travel and make friends, to watch films and tv shows, to read books in English and, of course, to use English at my work (finance). I'd be happy if you contact me to discuss various topics in chats or Skype.

Andrey T. commented 5 days ago

I study Englsh because of my future job, for the contact with the abroad people and for the personal progressSmilie

Ekaterina Shevyakova commented 5 days ago

I am half Slavic by blood, but never had the chance to connect with my own culture. The damn problem about living in America is everyone keeps telling you that you're not allowed to have a culture, and that nothing defines who you are. That's a load of garbage, and that's one stinking heap I sure want to get away from.
There's plenty of fresh roses to smell elsewhere.

John Summerlin commented 3 days ago

I work in IT company and for grow as human and as specialist I need know English more good.

Pavel Chernov commented 2 days ago

I learn English for work in the seaю.

Alexander Shuliuk commented 1 day ago

I am studying English just for myself, and maybe for some future carrer, and I am already doing this for 14 years of my life. Signed up here to find friends from foreign countries, because I like communicating with people, and it would be nice to have someone to chat with from other countries. Hope I also can be a good friend)

Nazar Shostak commented 18 hours ago

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