Why did you choose your target language?

Scrabbin 1 decade ago:

What factors did you consider when choosing the language you are studying? Usefulness? Career? Personal fascination for the language? Because it was easy or very challenging? To travel?


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Hello everyone, i want to practice english leanguage and i can givee you practice in polish leanguage Smilie i am waiting for respond Smilie

Marcin Nowak commented 3 weeks ago

I want to learn Russian again. I got out of practice after college.

Sarah Pease commented 2 weeks ago

Hello) i wanna learn English to become better on my job and one time go to US and feel there more confidentSmilie

Olena Lapchuk commented 4 days ago

Hello everyone.
I want lern english language
because it will makes me feel beter and hlelp me find a better job.
I can also speak in polish if somebody wants to learn this languageSmilie

Ernest P commented 3 days ago

Добрый день, я хочу изучать английский язык для общения и путешевствий , говорю на русском и украинском

Denys Dovhaniuk commented 2 days ago

Hi! I wanna practise French as I learn it at school!

deletedBANNED user commented 2 days ago

Хочу вивчати англійську мову для спілкування, подорожей, та для роботи.

Inna Banar commented 18 hours ago

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