Why did you choose your target language?

Scrabbin 8 yearss ago:

What factors did you consider when choosing the language you are studying? Usefulness? Career? Personal fascination for the language? Because it was easy or very challenging? To travel?


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Wie gehts! Mein name ist Eduardo, ich komme aus spanien aber ich lebe jetz im berlin.
I would love to find someone who help me with my deutsch speaking so if anyone needs to improve his spanisch could be nice a message.

Eduardo M commented 3 days ago


Valentin Lozinskiy commented 3 days ago

I wanna write, read, and speak in German fluently because I'm moving there to do Master degree in Artificial intelligence after few months in a German university so that I can be able to speak with everyone in German with no problem, also my Master degree program will be in German, not English

and about Russian, it is only one reason their songs, I'm in deep love with Russian songs

Ahmed Badawi commented 3 days ago

hi everyone,
i already speak english with a certain level, but i 'd like to take upgrade my level and i would also learn spanish which i think would add a value to resume and professional career. other reason for learning spanish, i just like it, it sounds good

Tidjane Ly commented 2 days ago

Hi! I chose English, because I like it. The English is logical language. And I like it. I like to watch films in original, read English books. I also learn Python, so I shoud read modules' documentation in English. I also want to travel.

Demian Wolf commented 24 hours ago

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