Why did you choose your target language?

Scrabbin 1 decade ago:

What factors did you consider when choosing the language you are studying? Usefulness? Career? Personal fascination for the language? Because it was easy or very challenging? To travel?


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I want to learn English to find a job.

Denis Y commented 2 days ago

I considered learning Hungarian for fun.

Kishi Sewiz-Pepper commented 2 days ago

I learn English because I love the way it sounds!

Sasha Dobrov commented 2 days ago

I am learning Korean to visit Korea.

Ananya ananya commented 2 days ago

I’m learning Vietnamese for business.

Irene Chen commented 1 day ago

I want to continue my study in Europe next year

hossein gh commented 1 day ago

I want study Spanish because I love this accent

Nadia Włodarska commented 1 day ago

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