Why did you choose your target language?

Scrabbin 10 yearss ago:

What factors did you consider when choosing the language you are studying? Usefulness? Career? Personal fascination for the language? Because it was easy or very challenging? To travel?


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хочу улучшить свой английский)

Marat Tekeev commented 5 days ago

I am dreaming about traveling abroad my whole life! I want to study English and German for my better future and on purpose to enter foreign universities.

Mezenszeva Anna commented 4 days ago

Usefulness was never a factor for learning foreign languages. I just love to learn languages. During my linguistics studies I had the opportunity to learn a lot. Czech is my favorite language. But I also like Dutch because it is quite similar to Low German with which I grew up. I learn Russian because my girlfriend's family mostly speaks Russian.

Richwien Kai commented 4 days ago

Hi guys and girls Smilie
Im Agnes. Im from Poland. Im looking for friends from different parts of the world.
I like sports: swimming, basketball, volleyball and I love running and reading books.
Im very activ in sports. I eat healthy. Im mom of two and a happy wife. I have dog and two cats Smilie
Im an optimist and always smiling.

Have a nice day Smilie Smilie

Agnes commented 4 days ago

Привіт друзі) Я з України. Я шукаю друзів для спілкування англійською. Натомість можу запропонувати навчати російської та української. Гарного дня!!!

Julia commented 3 days ago

Hello guys! I'm working hardly on improving my English. I'm from Kyiv, Ukraine and I'm Ukrainian/Russian native speaker. See you later on this site

Kostiantyn Mykhailychenko commented 3 days ago

Hello everybody, Im Przemek and from Poland. I study Logistic. I like sports: football and basket. I would like to learn English with You!.

Przemysław Tlałka commented 3 days ago

Привет. Я начал изучать английский язык, но у меня нет знакомых, чтобы практиковать его.

Денис Белендинов commented 2 days ago

I want to learn Turkish because I am interested to know more about the culture and people. I'm also a big fan of Tayyip Ordugan who is gonna soon rock/rule the world.

deletedBANNED user commented 2 days ago

Очень нравится изучать английский язык, но без практики, все быстро забывается. Потому зарегистрировался на проекте, с целью найти интересного собеседника. Кроме того, английский мне нужен для работы, так как работаю в IT сфере.

I like to learn English very much, but without practice, everything is quickly forgotten. Therefore, I registered on the project, in order to find an interesting interlocutor. In addition, I need English for work, because I work in the IT field.

Sam Gaysan commented 1 day ago

i want learn and practice because i need English for a job...

Anna Stupina commented 1 day ago

i want to know this language better... to have new friends

Alina Volkkova commented 1 day ago

Привет всем, хочу практиковать английский, но нет в окружении носителей языка. Буду рада помочь с русским

Kate Kisseleva commented 1 day ago

I chose German as a 2nd lang. at the uni because it has the same roots with English in contrast to Roman languages.

Volodymyr Dikan commented 1 day ago

I want to learn German because I would like to stay in Germany.

Priyanka Kuntrapakam commented 21 hours ago

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