I can help in French / Search learning english

oceane rabou 3 years ago:

I'm oceane, I'm French and I live in Berlin since two month A friend talk me about tandem to study. I want practice in first time my English (because I am passing an exam next year) and maybe my German too.
I have lot of time, if you are interess to do a skype or have a writing exchange Smilie
I'm really excited to be useful for someone and can learn easily Smilie


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Hiiii! I would like to improve my English... could please help me out.... please do reply...hope you will....

Hasini commented 3 years ago

I would be glad to improve english with you. My language level is advanced. Write me and lets start Smilie

Yaroslav Lubashenlo commented 3 years ago

i would like to be your friend

fury pit commented 3 years ago

Yes i can help you

Salman Khan commented 3 years ago

Hi! Maybe we can writing together? I really want to improve my English Smilie

Karolina Wysocka commented 3 years ago

I am miss Rainna Pascale I'm not always online here, respond to my email, < aleaabud1987@gmail.com > I want to discus something with you.

Eliana Fred commented 1 month ago

Hi, Oceane

If your post is still actual, I’m willing to help you practise both English and German for your French instead.
I do prefer Skype or Zoom talks Smilie

I’m on my summer break and have lots of time likewise Smilie

Olya Makukha commented 2 weeks ago

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