I want to practice English

deletedBANNED user 2 yearss ago:

I can speak "broken" English and know a little English grammar
Can someone help?
My native language is Russian.


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hey Lolita

AliReza commented 1 years ago

Hello, I am Miss Sarah Omar, I came across your profile and I would like to get acquainted with you pls contact me on omarsarah991@gmail.com

sarah omar commented 1 years ago

Hi Lolita.I am sameer.I am from India.I am Hindi native speaker. I can speak English well but I am not fluent in it.So I actually need a chat partner to improve my English speaking. In return I can help in making fluent in Hindi.But evenly I am interested in making friendship relevant with my hobbies which are movies, music, traveling & knowing different cultures over the world. So if you are also thinking so then reply me. Bye.

sameer commented 1 years ago

Hello Lolita! I want to try to communicate with you. You can write me in private messeges or in forum chat.

Artem Tarasenko commented 12 months ago

Yeah sure me too
Do u mind practicing English together on skype

mohamed waheed commented 12 months ago

Kak dela Lolita, you may help me in russian, and I could share with you all the English I have learned Smilie , Have a good day!

Muhamed Gamal commented 11 months ago

Happy day,
dear you are welcome, please contact me to my direct id.So that i can send you my pictures

yak benit commented 11 months ago


ANJUM SHAHZAD commented 9 months ago

Hey , I'll be glad if I could help
let's try and exchange some languages
I speak English French Turkish and Arabic
interesting in learning Russian

Zinou Belko commented 9 months ago

here we are , everyone is a god of english haha

Ahmed Ben rejeb commented 9 months ago

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