Can you help me learn Russian?

deletedBANNED user 1 years ago:

Здравствуйте. Я американка, a меня зовут Winter. I will be visiting Russia (Moscow) and Ukraine this summer. I will have translators helping me in each country, but want to be able to speak for myself, also!

I need help with pronunciation; I need as much practice as possible so I can hear how the language sounds and naturally learn the pronunciation rules by ear and not simply by memorization.

I am a native English speaker and can help you learn English. I have free time Wednesdays, Thursdays, and on the weekends. I have both Skype and Whatsapp, and, of course, a phone.



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Please respond to my repost! I accidentally deleted myself the first time I posted. Smilie

deletedBANNED user commented 1 years ago

Hi, My name is Oksana. I m from Ukraine. I speak Russian very well, but My english is awful - especially pronunciation Smilie I think We can help each other.

Oksana Nikonchuk commented 1 years ago

Hello Winter. My name is Lena. Originally I am from Ukraine, but live in US almost 2 years. I have only Russian communication here and my English improves very slowly. I have University degree, very well speak Russian and Ukrainian. Can we change our knowledge of communication and help each other?

Elena Nahorna commented 1 years ago

Dear Winter, I am writing in response to you letter! My name is Lyuda. I am from Ukraine. I speak Russian and Ukrainian very well and I can help you. I hope you help me too.

Lyudmila Reznikova commented 11 months ago

Hello, Winter.
I can help uSmilie

Kris Kris commented 11 months ago

Hello, you can practice it with me!

Rikhsivaeva Nadira commented 11 months ago

Hello Winter. My name is Andrew. I am living in Ukraine. Let me know when you are going to visit Ukraine. I can be helpful. My email

Andrey Yevsega commented 11 months ago

Hello,Winter!I`m from Russia! I hope we can help each other ! Привет, Винтер!Я из России!Я надеюсь мы можем помочь друг другу Smilie

Arslan Yabykov commented 11 months ago

U can also practice russian with me)

Kamilla commented 11 months ago

Happy day,
dear you are welcome, please contact me to my direct id.So that i can send you my pictures

yak benit commented 10 months ago

Hello! I hope we can help each other!

Yulya Chernysheva commented 9 months ago

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