I'm studying English everyday and I love it

Levon Karakhanyan 7 months ago:

I'm English learner who wants to talk with someone about everything. My first language I know like a native speaker is Russian, so, if you want to practice it, I'll help you with big pleasure


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Hi, help me, please. I am study English.

Lyudmila Reznikova commented 7 months ago

Hi, can you help me for learning English

sanaz moghaddam commented 6 months ago

Happy day,
dear you are welcome, please contact me to my direct id.So that i can send you my pictures

yak benit commented 6 months ago

hi i want to speak english to you+380974345834 my viber

Ihor Fedchenko commented 5 months ago

Hiii can you help me i want to speak english

Oliwia Julia commented 5 months ago

hIII <3
You can help me Smilie ?

Aga commented 5 months ago

My Skype is 'volginman'
I can help you using videocalls
Don't be shy to ask for help

Oleh Volhin commented 5 months ago

Can u help me i want to speak English

Balaji Ravilla commented 5 months ago

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