I'm studying English everyday and I love it

Levon Karakhanyan 11 months ago:

I'm English learner who wants to talk with someone about everything. My first language I know like a native speaker is Russian, so, if you want to practice it, I'll help you with big pleasure


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Hi, help me, please. I am study English.

Lyudmila Reznikova commented 11 months ago

Hi, can you help me for learning English

sanaz moghaddam commented 10 months ago

Happy day,
dear you are welcome, please contact me to my direct id.So that i can send you my pictures

yak benit commented 10 months ago

hi i want to speak english to you+380974345834 my viber

Ihor Fedchenko commented 9 months ago

Hiii can you help me i want to speak english

Oliwia Julia commented 9 months ago

hIII <3
You can help me Smilie ?

Aga commented 9 months ago

My Skype is 'volginman'
I can help you using videocalls
Don't be shy to ask for help

Oleh Volhin commented 9 months ago

Can u help me i want to speak English

Balaji Ravilla commented 8 months ago

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