Looking to learn Russian and Ukrainian. I'm an English speaker.

Henry H 2 yearss ago:

I'm looking to travel to Russia and Ukraine in the new year. Looking for someone to teach me Russian and Ukrainian and in return I can help you with English.



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Hi Henry! I'm from Ukraine. I can help you with Russian or Ukranian language.

Denis Pushkar commented 2 yearss ago

Hi, I'm Liza, 13. I like to travel a lot, that's why I'm learning English.
Besides I am playing the guitar, like reading and can teach russian or ukrainian at the convenient time for you.

Liza Cvetkova commented 2 yearss ago

I can offer my services too. My name is Eugene, from Ukraine, Odessa.

Eugene commented 2 yearss ago

Hello! I`m Diana from Moscow, Russia. I would like to learn English

Diana Romanova commented 2 yearss ago

Hey hey! We can help each other.
Maks from Ukraine, Odessa.

Maksym Kolesnyk commented 2 yearss ago

Hi,i can help you with Russian and Ukranian languages ))

Nastya Baglay commented 1 years ago

Hello. I can help u with Ukrainian language.

Ira Polishchuk commented 1 years ago

Hello. I can help u with Ukrainian language.

Ira Polishchuk commented 1 years ago

Hello! I am from Russia. I can help you improve your Russian

Ilya Kureev commented 1 years ago

Henry, good day! We can help each other! Why you are looking to learn Russian and Ukrainian?
I'm looking to learn English, because I work in international scientific company and I should be able to speak English fluently.
Good luck!

Iryna Vladymyrovna commented 1 years ago

Henry, did you destinate to Ukraine or Russia? I interesting your targer for trip, how long do you planning to stay? Marry Cristmas and Happy New Year!

ruslan novikov commented 1 years ago

Hi, Henry!
I'm Vlaslo from Ukraine, and I can to help you with Ukrainian and Russian.
Happy holidays!Smilie

Vlaslo Butskyi commented 1 years ago

Hi! I want to learn English. I can help with the Russian. let's talk

Rustam Beknazarov commented 1 years ago

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helenBANNED brown commented 1 years ago

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