English native speaker looking for Ukrainian language partner!

Jessica L 3 months ago:

Hey, my name is Jess and I've just begun learning Ukrainian. I'm Australian and a native speaker of English and also fluent in Japanese, so can help out with both in return for Ukrainian help Smilie my hobbies are travel, food and health, and I'm currently backpacking through Europe with my fiancé.

Nice to meet you!


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I'm ready to help you

Дима Смирнов commented 3 months ago

Hi Jessica! I’m from Ukraine, and I can help you learn Ukrainian, if you will help me practice my EnglishSmilie

Anastasiia PIddubna commented 3 months ago

Hello I ' m from Poland and I can help you learn Ukrainian because i have got in my class Ukrainian and she little speaks Polisch .

Natasza Sara commented 3 months ago

Hello! I'm from Ukraine, if you need any help feel free to write or call me.

Denis Pushkar commented 2 months ago

Hi, I'm Liza. I am 13. I like to travel a lot, that's why I'm learning English.
Besides I am playing the guitar, like reading and can teach russian or ukrainian at the convenient time for you.
Kiev, Ukraine

Liza Cvetkova commented 2 months ago

Hello Jessica! My name is Vladimir (in Facebook Vladimir Kar). I live in Ukraine, Zhytomyr.
I have excellent knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian. I do not speak English well enough.
If you want (and I hope) we can learning together.
Have a nice day.

Vladimir Kar commented 7 days ago

Hello, Jessica! I can help you with Ukrainian and mb you could help me with English Smilie

Ksenia Ch commented 6 days ago

Hi, I know very well the Ukrainian language, because at the time the fans are from the Ukrainian language. I also know the Russian language. And I can help with the study of any of them for helping me with English. I want to warn immediately that I know English at the initial level. I hope you will want to talk to me.For free

Anton Klymko commented 11 hours ago

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