I want to improve English

Julia 12 months ago:

Dear friends. My native language is Russian, and i want to improve me English. I would be very glad to have an English-speaking friend, and i will try to practice speaking English with you , but my progress is very little, just like my vocabulary. But if you want to practice your Russian, I'd be happy to help you. So If you just want to chat in Russian or English, welcome.


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Hi I am Swagata from Bangladesh. I am not a native English speaker. But I would like to try practicing English speaking with you. I am not very good at speaking but I think if we practice, we will both improve.

Swagata Howlader commented 12 months ago

Hi.I am learning Russian.I am a native English speaker

David MacCallum commented 12 months ago

Hello, Julia! I'm from Ukraine but I'm looking for somebody who I can speak english with. If you want we can try to improve our skills together)

Denis Pushkar commented 11 months ago

Hey can we practice english together if u want

Rola Saad commented 11 months ago

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