English for Russian

David MacCallum 12 months ago:

Hi I am a online English teacher learning Russian.I am a native English speaker.


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Hi! David. I want to learn English. I can help with the Russian. let's talk

Rustam Beknazarov commented 11 months ago

Let's talk!

Rusya Mac commented 11 months ago

hello! David. I want to speak English. I help you with the Russian.

Leonid Kremianskyi commented 11 months ago

Hello David! I'm also could help you with Russian)

Vladimir Borisov commented 11 months ago


Alice Myaw commented 11 months ago

'an' online ... well teacher you made a mistake i guess

Ahmed Ben rejeb commented 11 months ago

Hello,DavidSmilie I’m native Russian speaker and I can teach you!) I hope,that You will assist me in English practice alsoSmilie

Elvira Li commented 10 months ago

Same her, if it is still topically

Ivan commented 10 months ago

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