English for Russian

David MacCallum 9 months ago:

Hi I am a online English teacher learning Russian.I am a native English speaker.


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Hi! David. I want to learn English. I can help with the Russian. let's talk

Rustam Beknazarov commented 9 months ago

Let's talk!

Rusya Mac commented 9 months ago

hello! David. I want to speak English. I help you with the Russian.

Leonid Kremianskyi commented 9 months ago

Hello David! I'm also could help you with Russian)

Vladimir Borisov commented 9 months ago


Alice Myaw commented 8 months ago

'an' online ... well teacher you made a mistake i guess

Ahmed Ben rejeb commented 8 months ago

Hello,DavidSmilie I’m native Russian speaker and I can teach you!) I hope,that You will assist me in English practice alsoSmilie

Elvira Li commented 8 months ago

Same her, if it is still topically

Ivan commented 8 months ago

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