Looking for English teacher) I'm your Russian and Ukrainian teacher) Are you ready to start?:)

Alla 1 years ago:

Hi)) I would be glad to have the opportunity of live communication. I really want to speak correctly and understand English by ear. And what about you? Is it important for you to speak and hear Russian or Ukrainian speech? Maybe we can be good teachers for each otherSmilie


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I can help with English I wanna to practice Russian

Naveen Maheswaran commented 1 years ago

Hello how are you doing am Williams by name i will love us to be friend
You can give me your whatassp or gmail so that we can chat better hope to here from you soon

williams Scott commented 1 years ago

if you're not fluent in english why the bother , its not a hooker's website please.

Ahmed Ben rejeb commented 1 years ago

Hi Alia

I have more than 18,000 vocabulary in English. Am very fluent in English speaking.
I work as a Senior Advocate in a US company.
I live at the coolest and most hip place in New Delhi, the capital of India. (ND to India, is what NY is to US).

Anyway what i mean to say is that I have 2 native languages- English and Hindi.
If you want you can learn about India and its culture, with basic Hindi and Bollywood knowledge. That is optional.

I have fell in love with Putin and Russia, it's people, culture and history. I would be leaving India very soon and migrating to Russia.
But before that am coming to Russia in July, 2018 to meet new friends. It would be great if you could teach me some basic Russian so that I can talk to people over vodka.
I also am starting Russian language course from Russian Embassy's Art and Culture Dept, Delhi.

Thanks for reading.
If you would like to improve both of our lives, you are welcome to drop me a message.

Till then. Take care.
God bless.

Raghav Gupta commented 1 years ago

okay raghav. i am the president of the universe, know thousands of languages. I create new languages everyonce in a while. i donn to need to develop myself because i am overdeveloped. stop boasting yourself like that. be easy man.

neither your status nor the largensess of your vocabulary matters. stop writing poems about yourself man)) be easy. you are not the ony one native indian person who happened to be born in india version new york.

putin is my friend and great and very smart person in general. he is also kind of king of post soivet union countries so he is very powerful. I am that you are in love with vodka ahem... russian. russian people are no easy deal. they may seem polite but they are 100 times smarter than you, there is no way to fool them around with bio that of you.

so have balls if want mess with them over vodka. because russia is not easy peasy lemon sqeezy

Norman Freeman commented 12 months ago

Sorry my bio got you offended.

BTW if I didn't wanna grow, I wouldn't have been on this website to learn Russian.
Also for your kind information, I have written about the languages showing the extent to which I know both, so that any Russian person can know what to expect.

And thank God there aren't much people like you who just want to pass time on this website.
I am already in touch with a wonderful Russian woman, who is helping me with Russian. And yesterday I got a request from a guy too.
So Chill down a bit Norman.
Nobody is trying to fool anyone here.

I hope you become a better person, stop judging and mind your own damn business.

Raghav Gupta commented 12 months ago

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