English Practice

BilBANNED ka 4 months ago:

I would like to make English practice
If you want it, Please let me know


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Hello! I really want to improve my English and French. And I will be glad if someone wants to chat with me)

Yelena Popova commented 1 month ago

Hi, I need help Smilie

Ola Nowak commented 1 month ago

Hi! I'm from Ukraine and I want to practice my English skills and also to find new friends

Dasha Volohatuk commented 1 month ago

Hello! I'm from Brazil, and I also need to practice with a native english speaker. Can anybody help me?

Here is my e-mail:

And here my WhatsApp
+55 11 985494412


Felipe Brito commented 4 weeks ago

I need help

Maxym Kravchuk commented 3 weeks ago

hi I want practice to)

Airat Greatman commented 3 weeks ago

I want learn english! Please help me

Max Usachev commented 3 weeks ago

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