English practice

Eugenia Savelieva 1 years ago:

I'm looking for someone, who helps me improve my English speaking skills )
I can help you with practice Ukrainian or Russian


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Hi can you help me in English?

Cina commented 1 years ago

Of course

Eugenia Savelieva commented 1 years ago

hello Eugenia
Can you help me with speaking English ?

Julia Gaja commented 1 years ago

Hi Eugenia

I would like to learn russian so I'll be interested to communicate with you. I've been to Kyviv and Lviv recently. I loved Ukraine. Here's my WhatsApp +447984452110 or Skype :famshaw1



deletedBANNED user commented 1 years ago

Hii can you help me in English?

Ilyas Gouri commented 1 years ago

I can help you practice ebglish, that will be great

Ahmed Abdallah commented 1 years ago

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