I want to learn Russian and I'll teach you English

deletedBANNED user 2 months ago:

Hi looking for someone who speaks fluent russian to help me learn the basics and in exchange I will practice english with u you. Do message me for my personal details.




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Vlad Bodrov commented 2 months ago

Привет!Как дела?

Dmitriy Phil commented 2 months ago

hi .i can help with RUSSIAN

ivan ivanov commented 2 months ago

Привет. Оуэн. Как успехи в русском?

Sergey Zasen commented 2 months ago

I've got all the help I need now... Thank you fur ask your interest.

deletedBANNED user commented 2 months ago

i think i can help u

Oli Vedm commented 2 months ago

Hello. i can

Evgenia zh commented 2 weeks ago

Hi! I am a Russian native speaker and I' d like to improve my English

Kate Yurova commented 7 days ago

Hello! I can help you

Maria Shaginova commented 6 days ago

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