I want to practice English and Italian language

Ksenia Zyryanova 1 years ago:

Who can learn English or Italian language?
I can learn Russian and Ukraine.
Chi parli Italianò? Capisco un po’, adesso provo studiare.
Mi piace Italiana lingua da morire.


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Hi nice to meet you. Can we practise english? Also I want to learn some italian or Russian. Take care

Emanuel Leiva commented 1 years ago

Hello Kesnia, I want to learn Russian and if you like we could practice English together. I have lived in Australia for many years...

deletedBANNED user commented 1 years ago

Hi . My name is Ali. I want to improve my language. I be pleasure if you accept my request and talk with me . Thank you.

Ali Sharifi commented 1 years ago

Good day

Kostya Lee commented 1 years ago

Hi, for those who's interested in stydying Italian, I would recommend this amazing school in Italy: http://fda-sanremo.com/. I studied here two years ago, it gave me a big boost for my knowledge of Italian, I could speak and share my thoughts without any shame! We visited many interesting places as well, I'd really like to repeat it again!

Evelyn Ryan commented 1 years ago

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