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Kovalenko Svetlana 3 months ago:

I need practice speaking english. Can learn you ukrainian


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Federico Vazquez commented 3 months ago


Kovalenko Svetlana commented 2 months ago

Let's connect on skype. I need to practice my spoken english

Kovalenko Svetlana commented 2 months ago

hello!, i really need someone who can practice english with both side.
this is my skype: mustafasarwaryar
0093792324512, this it's phone number that was added by me.

Mustafa Sarwaryar commented 2 months ago


Елена Токарева commented 2 months ago

How are you hope fine?
I am Kristen please write me back at(griestkristy@gmail.com)

Kristen Love commented 4 days ago

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