Need help with Russian / Can help with English or Spanish

Adrian J 2 weeks ago:

Hi everyone! Smilie
I was pointed to this site by a friend since I mentioned I had trouble finding consistent language exchange partners.
I'm trying to learn Russian for my medical specialization (still fairly basic - but will improve) - so far it has been hell.

I can help with either of the 2 languages I'm fluent with Spanish and English.
Conversation doesn't need to be all dry and like a class, we can (and I hope we do) talk about your various interests. Mine are travelling, mountain climbing and photography.

Just feel free to leave a message if you can help (or know someone who can)!

Cheers! Smilie


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Hey I can help u with Russian language
I’m a native Russian speaker)

Alexander Ss commented 2 weeks ago

Hello Adrian! I can help you with pleasure)

Anna Kat commented 1 week ago

Hello. I can help

Mikhail Knyazev commented 1 week ago

Thank you! I'll contact you via PM. Please do so too, since I don't get notifications for forum responses. Have a nice day everyone!

Adrian J commented 6 days ago

How are you hope fine?
I am Kristen please write me back at(

Kristen Love commented 8 hours ago

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