Looking for English speaker!

Katrin Vinogradova 6 months ago:

Hello! I am Katrin from Belarus. I know Russian very well and can help you)
I am looking for English speaker for interesting chatting.


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Well, Katrin, I am find people for simple speak in English also, but only you write on this forum)

Aleksandr Varlamov commented 6 months ago

hi Kate, lets go)

Alexandr P commented 6 months ago

Privet Katrin! You can send me a private message through my profile so I can share my contact details with you.

Kendal G├╝ltekin commented 3 months ago

Hi .Yes . Of course

CAN Ercan commented 3 weeks ago

Hi Katrin. I am not a native speaker, but I'm also looking for someone to practice English with. I'm at B2 level - Intermediate. So if you're interested (you or other folks here), text to me. Smilie

Kuba commented 2 weeks ago

Language exchange
Hello there
....hope you doing very well
Am Hady from Ramallah
I would love to exchange my Arabic with some American or foreigners students who used to visit Ramallah or need to learn more about Palestinian culture
I taught many of them in UC Davis for more than 6 months
I have long experience teaching and translating from Arabic vto English
Also i have mastert degree ( sociology and gender issues from BZU)
f you know any one interested
Please text me

Hady Zahira commented 2 weeks ago

Hello! All teachers are men. Why? ))

Alona Hlopetskaya commented 2 weeks ago

I don't know. I taped to lot of people (man and woman) and after a month of trying I got an answer only from two of them... Smilie

But yes I think that good looking woman can have easier to find someone to talk with. Smilie

Kuba commented 1 week ago

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