I can teach you Russian in return for practice in English!

Xenia Konuhova 10 months ago:


Let's share our knowledge in languages!


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Привет, я изучаю Английский язык, давай дружить?

Dina Dina commented 9 months ago

I can help you if you are interested.

Shubham Dangarh commented 9 months ago

Privet Xenia, I am fluent in English with no accents. I can help you with English if you can help me with Russian...I am a complete beginner.

Jim Ahn commented 9 months ago


я интересуюсь обменом языков! Пишите мне!

Mac Watson commented 9 months ago

Privet Xenia! You can send me a private message through my profile so I can share my contact details with you.

Kendal Gültekin commented 8 months ago

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