I'm looking for English speakers

Andrey Zayarniy 8 months ago:

Hello everyone!
How are you doing?
I have already studied English second year, but I make so many mistakes in English, I think, I just don't have enough speak practice. May be somebody wants to speak about something with me by Skype?
I'm a teacher computer science from Moscow.
Also I teach programming (C#, Javascript, C, C++, Pascal and a little others languages).
I like different music from metal to pop (especially, I love DM and fantasy metal) .
I like book, especially, sci fiction, fantasy and classic (Brothers Strugatsky, Terry Goodkind, Tokkien, Conan Doyle, Maugham Somerset and more)
Sometimes I play guitar and go to the gym.
My love movies: Big Lebowsky, Children of man, Shapito Show, Avengers and many others.
Sometime I play computer games. My love games: Heroes of Might and Magic, Mass Effect, Kings Bounty: Knight's legend, Duke Nukem 3D, Serious Sam.
Sometimes I love to play ZX Spectrum games by emulator ))

If somebody would like to speak about something by English or Russian, I'd glad

See you!


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I want learnig English but this is hard

Kaja Jacek commented 8 months ago

add me on skype

bruce wayne commented 8 months ago

I am . Eliana Ethan , originally from Birmingham, the United Kingdom. I will like to have communication with you, also I have special discussion with you, Could you contact my email address so we can talk more by mail because I'm almost not online here because of the nature of my work? please respond to email address..
elianaethan28@gmail.com h

Eliana Fred commented 1 month ago

I can speak english and prefer russian more
I want to share musics too
if u want to communicate
contact me taryarlinnhtet4@gmail.com

Taryar linn htet commented 1 month ago

hello sir im deepak from indian may be i can help you in speaking and i also like computer science i ll study in computer science in future too
so my whatsapp number is +917607736284

Deepak Gautam commented 1 month ago

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