I'm looking for English speakers

Andrey Zayarniy 1 month ago:

Hello everyone!
How are you doing?
I have already studied English second year, but I make so many mistakes in English, I think, I just don't have enough speak practice. May be somebody wants to speak about something with me by Skype?
I'm a teacher computer science from Moscow.
Also I teach programming (C#, Javascript, C, C++, Pascal and a little others languages).
I like different music from metal to pop (especially, I love DM and fantasy metal) .
I like book, especially, sci fiction, fantasy and classic (Brothers Strugatsky, Terry Goodkind, Tokkien, Conan Doyle, Maugham Somerset and more)
Sometimes I play guitar and go to the gym.
My love movies: Big Lebowsky, Children of man, Shapito Show, Avengers and many others.
Sometime I play computer games. My love games: Heroes of Might and Magic, Mass Effect, Kings Bounty: Knight's legend, Duke Nukem 3D, Serious Sam.
Sometimes I love to play ZX Spectrum games by emulator ))

If somebody would like to speak about something by English or Russian, I'd glad

See you!


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I want learnig English but this is hard

Kaja Jacek commented 4 weeks ago

add me on skype

bruce wayne commented 2 weeks ago

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