I want to find friends to learn English

TATYANA Shapovalova 4 weeks ago:

I want to find friends to learn English


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Hello, I want to learn English too, let‘s together.

Elena commented 4 weeks ago

you can text me

Piotr Rosiński commented 4 weeks ago

Учу тоже английский!

Helena Helena commented 3 weeks ago

Привет Tatyana!

I want to find friends to practice English and also learn some Russian at the same time, so I'm looking for people who do both languages to some degree.
(Also scrabbin wants me to make my first forum post to get some points ... so, Hi!)

Florian H. commented 3 weeks ago

I can hep with English, I want to learn Russian.

Deon Joubert commented 3 weeks ago

Hello priv

Krynio Krynio commented 2 weeks ago

Hi Tanya! My name's Roman. I learn English and find a friends too.
Let's together.

Roman Filonenko commented 2 weeks ago

add me on skype

bruce wayne commented 2 weeks ago

Privet Tatyana! You can send me a private message so I can share my contact details with you.

Kendal Gültekin commented 7 days ago

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