Let's practice English by speaking a little bit every day!

Olga K 8 months ago:

Are you ready to speak? Then let's try!
I want to practice my speaking skills and I hope you too. So we can speak together.
Waiting for your Line ID to connect.
Only for English speaking people! You can be from anywhere but you have to speak English only. We can make mistakes but we will improve it every day. So, Let's connect via Line and speak!


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My Line id is Princess2029. Let's connect and speak.
My goal is practicing English with good people.
Thank you for your understanding.

Olga K commented 8 months ago


Lori commented 8 months ago


Olga K commented 8 months ago

hello Smilie

Tomasz Sz commented 8 months ago

Hello priv

Krynio Krynio commented 8 months ago

hi add me on skype

bruce wayne commented 8 months ago

Privet Olga! You can send me a private message through my profile so I can share my contact details with you.

Kendal G├╝ltekin commented 7 months ago

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