Looking for Russian language speaking friend

Serge NIYONSHUTI 7 months ago:

I am a student based in Moscow trying to learn Russian language.I would be very delighted to get a friend through the process


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Hi. I can help you

Dmitry commented 7 months ago

Hi. I can help you

Dmitry commented 7 months ago

Hi. We can speak and help each other

Serhii Liesnykov commented 7 months ago

Hi, I know Russian and I want to practice English. So we can help each other

Nastya Olchevskaya commented 4 months ago

lets practice

deletedBANNED user commented 4 months ago

Hello, I know russian and ukrainian and want to study English. We could support each other)

Pavel Demyanenko commented 4 months ago

I am . Eliana Ethan , originally from Birmingham, the United Kingdom. I will like to have communication with you, also I have special discussion with you, Could you contact my email address so we can talk more by mail because I'm almost not online here because of the nature of my work? please respond to email address..

Eliana Fred commented 4 months ago

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