Do you speak Russian

lutz josef 2 weeks ago:

Looking to improve my Russian and make friends. I am from Malaysia. If you are interested to practise English, I would be glad to help you.


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Check your e-mail box

Andrey commented 2 weeks ago

if you want we could practice in English and at the same time i will teach you Russian in Skype or Discord ( much better in Discord my nickname -Edward 23022000#6149)

Edward Sanzhara commented 2 weeks ago

yes i speak russia

Vlad Vlad.228 commented 7 days ago

Привет, с удовольствием готов поделиться общением на русском языке!
Сам изучаю английский уже год. Буду рад общению)

Pavel Demyanenko commented 22 hours ago

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