101 Basic Mandarin Charity Class

Valerina Sieany 2 weeks ago:

Hello guys,

I actually have an event called 101 Basic Mandarin Charity Class. It's basically a charity class and I want to share my experience in learning Mandarin.

Together with Fundraising for the Girl Child (an international NGO), I will be teaching a four-day intensive Mandarin class. Through this class, you will be able to speak some basic Mandarin that will be useful in the workplace. Furthermore, you can also meet some new friends from all over the world since this class will be open to everyone!

It will be a perfect chance for you to add a new language skill during this pandemic so you can compete in a globalised workforce!

All you have to do is only pay as you want with minimum IDR 50k (for Indonesians) or USD 5 (for non-Indonesians) for four classes. All money will be donated to charity! Slots are limited so register yourself now at bit.ly/FirstMandarinClass

All participants will get an e-certificate upon completion of the class! If you have any questions, simply comment in this forum and I will reply it!

We can't wait to see you there!


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