Знаете английский и хотите научиться русскому языку?

Alexander Sarkisian 1 month ago:

Тогда напишите мне, я бы хотел найти собеседника, чтобы попрактиковать устную речь на английском языке и готов потренировать желающих изучить русский.

If you do not understand the message above - contact me, and maybe we can help each other.


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I don't understand Russian... But it's interesting!

Hanik Han commented 2 weeks ago

Hello dear friend,I am Miss Rianna Conner from USA.I read your profile and picked interest in you and i would like to establish a mutual relationship with you.Please contact me through my email inbox(riannaconner3021@gmail.com)lets discuss something more important.

Rianna Conner commented 2 weeks ago

Hey, I am learning Russian language and learning language together is actually very interesting. Please reply back. Thanks

Arooba Naqvi commented 1 week ago

Я не знаю a lot of русский, но это interesting!

deletedBANNED user commented 1 week ago

we can help each other hopefully. english chinese for russian. let's make a deal

Muhammad Ibrohimov commented 6 days ago

I want to know if i can trust you with investment of 9.5million Euro. Euro and to invest in your business Contact my private mail below for security reason (indristephanie5 at gm. cm) Indri Stephanie.I work in Gold and mining company of Gambia president

indri stephanie commented 6 days ago

Да. Я говорю по-английски, по-японски, по-итальянски, иврит и по-арабски. Я тоже говорю по-русски, но немного.

Kishi Sewiz-Pepper commented 3 days ago

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