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Italian for Russian and English

Posted by Oksana Malavko - Updated 11 hours ago

Language exchange

Posted by Oksana Malavko - Updated 11 hours ago

Why did you choose your target language?

Posted by Scrabbin - Updated 16 hours ago

I am learning English and need more practice

Posted by Yana Vaschenko - Updated 18 hours ago

I'm learning English, so I want to speak with native speakers on Skype

Posted by Yulya Chernysheva - Updated 1 day ago

Arabic - English Exchange

Posted by Amine Ka - Updated 1 day ago

Can you help me with English ?

Posted by Szymon Królik - Updated 1 day ago

I'm studying English everyday and I love it

Posted by Levon Karakhanyan - Updated 1 day ago

English for Polish

Posted by Maja Ostrowska - Updated 1 day ago

Help me - English

Posted by Aga - Updated 1 day ago

English chat

Posted by Svetlana Plotichkina - Updated 1 day ago

Russian please

Posted by Mic Johns - Updated 2 days ago

I learn German

Posted by Mica L - Updated 2 days ago

WARNING! English environment. Improve your language

Posted by Oleh Volhin - Updated 4 days ago

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