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I would like to improve my spoken English with a native speaker)

Posted by deletedBANNED user - Updated 3 months ago

Do you want to talk in English?

Posted by suzanne croft - Updated 3 months ago

Can you help me practice my English? :)

Posted by Ola Czochra - Updated 3 months ago


Posted by Roman Roman - Updated 3 months ago

I want to practice English and i can help you to lern Russian

Posted by Nuriya Medeu - Updated 3 months ago

Can you help me learn Deutsch?

Posted by Martyna - Updated 3 months ago

English for Russian or Polish

Posted by David MacCallum - Updated 3 months ago

My German for your English

Posted by Katrin Wippel - Updated 4 months ago

Who can teach me Norwegian?

Posted by Sai Nere - Updated 4 months ago


Posted by Maja - Updated 4 months ago


Posted by ibrahim mahmoud - Updated 4 months ago

spanish learning

Posted by gopi g - Updated 4 months ago

Help me in english speakig please

Posted by Mary Am - Updated 4 months ago

English speaking

Posted by Alexandr Itsenko - Updated 4 months ago

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