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Posted by Nasser

Posted by nasser amin - Updated 3 weeks ago


Posted by isslam 23 - Updated 3 weeks ago

I need to improve my Hebrew language

Posted by Lobna - Updated 3 weeks ago

I'm looking for English chat partner. I can help you with Russian

Posted by Mateusz Switalik - Updated 3 weeks ago

I want improve my English. If you wan, I can learn Polish

Posted by Viktoria :) - Updated 3 weeks ago

I am looking for english chat partner I can teach turkish

Posted by zafer hamaloğlu - Updated 4 weeks ago

Target language: German, Offered langauage: English

Posted by Pramod Govindaraju - Updated 4 weeks ago

Can you help me learn Russian?

Posted by deletedBANNED user - Updated 4 weeks ago

I would like to improve English, I am from Poland.

Posted by Peter - Updated 4 weeks ago

I can help you with your Russian.

Posted by Aibek Egimbaev - Updated 4 weeks ago

Just English.

Posted by Cenker Sagnak - Updated 1 month ago

French- German/English or Portugueese-German/english

Posted by Leonardo Tonus - Updated 1 month ago

Need someone to speak English/Russian with

Posted by Mansur Elmurzaev - Updated 1 month ago


Posted by Nurullah KILIÇ - Updated 1 month ago

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