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Need ENGLISH proofread

Posted by Kana - Updated 4 weeks ago

Hello there! Read me, please!

Posted by Luk - Updated 4 weeks ago

I want to do Turkish, Spanish and Polish

Posted by Uljana Popovich - Updated 4 weeks ago


Posted by Serhii Sav - Updated 4 weeks ago

Angielski w zamian za polski

Posted by Michal Michal - Updated 1 month ago

I want to practice English

Posted by deletedBANNED user - Updated 1 month ago

I want learn English with native speakers

Posted by Anastasiia PIddubna - Updated 1 month ago

Partner for improving speaking skills

Posted by Andrzej Bednarek - Updated 1 month ago

Looking for german speaker in Berlin :) / I speak french

Posted by Rémy Duquenne - Updated 1 month ago

Polish - German

Posted by Paulina Chyrchała - Updated 1 month ago

i'm looking for english speaker someone i can learn turkish

Posted by aykut akkus - Updated 1 month ago

Help me learn English, please!

Posted by Lyudmila Reznikova - Updated 1 month ago

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