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Search for a kind and patient partner for learning english

Posted by Soso M - Updated 2 months ago

Quisisera hablar español

Posted by deletedBANNED user - Updated 2 months ago

I need an English-speaking person )

Posted by Varya Pashinina - Updated 2 months ago

Hello! I can help you with Ukrainian or Russian!

Posted by Katya Shatunova - Updated 2 months ago

Help me please about English :(

Posted by Gökhan Gürgen - Updated 2 months ago

I want to learn English!

Posted by Vlad Cherevatiy - Updated 2 months ago

New in Lviv! Need to learn Ukranian ASAP :-)

Posted by Ben Worthington - Updated 2 months ago


Posted by Sofiia Dembitska - Updated 2 months ago

I'd looking to improve my English

Posted by Halyna - Updated 3 months ago

Who can help with learning English?

Posted by Damian C. - Updated 3 months ago

Help me pls learn English!!!

Posted by Aleks Luch - Updated 3 months ago

I'm looking for friends)

Posted by Alexandr Symonchuk - Updated 3 months ago

I learn English - I speak French and Russian

Posted by Linda Cataneda - Updated 3 months ago

I'm looking for a partner to learn German and English

Posted by Justyna Kukuc - Updated 3 months ago

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