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Hi everyone!My russian/ukranian for your Deutsch

Posted by Sergey Morya - Updated 3 weeks ago

Help!. I want to learn English

Posted by alex dov - Updated 3 weeks ago

Turkish,English Change

Posted by Uğur Doğan - Updated 3 weeks ago

My Russian - your English! Please help!

Posted by Zhenya Markova - Updated 3 weeks ago

my Pesian\English\Azeri your Russian

Posted by AliReza - Updated 3 weeks ago

I want to learn english

Posted by Inn Inna - Updated 3 weeks ago

Mandarin- Urdu-CPEC

Posted by Marson Martay - Updated 3 weeks ago

I want to train my English (with 16-18 years old)

Posted by Daria - Updated 3 weeks ago

Language exchange

Posted by Alex Kramarenko - Updated 4 weeks ago

learning english

Posted by amin mirzaei - Updated 4 weeks ago

Can help in English

Posted by Nitish Malhotra - Updated 4 weeks ago

Russisch(Polnisch) / Deutsch

Posted by Jewgienia S-wa - Updated 4 weeks ago

Hello) I am looking teacher ENGLISH )

Posted by Aleksandra Aliynik - Updated 1 month ago

[Arabic-French] language exchange

Posted by Shorouk - Updated 1 month ago

Alguien quiere charlar?

Posted by Julia Wójcik - Updated 1 month ago

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