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Conversation exchange in group.

Posted by Aj Dia - Updated 2 months ago

Help me with English

Posted by Andriy Bosik - Updated 2 months ago

I would like to speak English, Also I can help with Russian or Ukranian.

Posted by Andrey Yevsega - Updated 2 months ago

friend to write

Posted by KA KU - Updated 2 months ago

HELP with German!!!!!

Posted by deletedBANNED user - Updated 2 months ago

Want to find friends in this world

Posted by Vitalii Klimenko - Updated 3 months ago

I can help you with Russian! You can help me with English!

Posted by Yaroslav Romanov - Updated 3 months ago

Can you help me learn Russian?

Posted by deletedBANNED user - Updated 3 months ago

I need more practice English.Who can help me?

Posted by Andrii Barylko - Updated 3 months ago

hi everyone!

Posted by Magda K. - Updated 3 months ago

Puhutaan suomea? :)

Posted by Ev - Updated 3 months ago

Мой Русский / Your English

Posted by Michael Zamula - Updated 3 months ago

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